[BREAKING] Hemerion obtains the FDA clearance for its next US clinical trial


Surgeon using Hemerion laser device

2021 / A year of fighting cancer

Prototypes, clinical results, hiring, scientific communications, training of neurosurgeons, awards: the year 2021 has been hectic for Hemerion’s teams, who are engaged in an essential fight against cancer, particularly glioblastoma.

Major advances in technology

Hemerion has finalized the production of prototypes of its Heliance technology: a decisive step in the implementation of new clinical trials.

International recognition

In 2021, Hemerion won several international awards, demonstrating both the relevance and the originality of its therapeutic approach in the treatment of certain cancers.

A growing team

After a year of significant recruitment, Hemerion is now a well-structured company, particularly at the clinical and regulatory levels.

Convincing the neurosurgery community

In 2021, Hemerion organized numerous training, demonstrations, conferences and meetings with neurosurgeons around the world. Our goals: get them acquainted with our technology, prepare for the expansion of clinical trials and accelerate the availability of our new therapeutic approach to patients.