[BREAKING] Hemerion obtains the FDA clearance for its next US clinical trial


Mount Sinai researchers advance our understanding of brain cancer

Hemerion technology introduced in the Friedman Brain Institute Falls Newsletter

Researchers from the Mount Sinai Health system introduce their ambitious research and development program to fight Glioblastoma in the recent Friedman Brain Institute Falls Newsletter, including the evaluation of the Hemerion technology.

Encompassing the Icahn School of Medicine and eight hospital campuses in the New York metropolitan area, Mount Sinai is internationally acclaimed for its excellence in research, patient care, and education across a range of specialties, including neurosurgery.

One of the world’s premier institutions dedicated to advancing brain cancer therapies

The Friedman Brain Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is one of the world’s premier institutions dedicated to advancing understanding of brain and nervous system disorders, and driving innovative approaches to new treatments and diagnostic tests through translational research. 

GBM represents the most frequent malignant brain tumors in adults and there is currently no treatment able to completely cure the disease. Indeed, in comparison to many other forms of cancer, little progress has been made in terms of curative treatments for patients.

Groundbreaking research focused on brain tumors

Investigators at Mount Sinai are fully committed to make a difference with groundbreaking approaches to treat and prevent relapse of these very aggressive cancers. The research program encompasses understanding of the Tumor Microenvironment, Immunosuppression, Translational studies and the development of novel therapeutic approaches for GBM tumors, leaded by Pr. C. Hadjipanayis.

Read the newsletter here or download the PDF

Hemerion technology fully integrated in the research program

Among all the technologies investigated by Pr. C. Hadjipanayis, the Hemerion technology is a promising option for the treatment of Glioblastoma, with the ambition to improve both patients outcomes and quality of life. Hemerion technology associates drugs with innovative laser treatments to selectively kill cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. Used during surgery, before any adjuvant treatment or drug can be delivered, Hemerion technology has the potential to significantly improve both survival and quality of life in patients.