[BREAKING] Hemerion obtains the FDA clearance for its next US clinical trial


Newsweek World's Best Hospitals 2022

Hemerion’s clinical contributors ranked among the 50 best hospitals in the world

Newsweek released its annual World’s Best Hospitals 2022 on Wednesday, March 2.  The 2022 edition ranks Hemerion’s clinical contributors in the TOP 100 healthcare centers: an international recognition of the quality of their care and the clinical excellence of their medical teams.

An international ranking based on clinical excellence

Launched in 2019, Newsweek’s “World’s Best Hospitals ranks about 2,200 healthcare facilities in 27 countries around the world. It is based on three distinct sources: the opinions of more than 80,000 international medical experts (physicians, healthcare managers, etc.), the results of patient’s public surveys and quantified medical performance indicators (quality of treatment, hygiene measures, etc.).

Developed by Statista, the ranking provides an objective view of the quality of care at the international level.

An excellent ranking for Hemerion’s clinical network

Hemerion’s two clinical contributors are among the top 50 hospitals in the 2022 ranking.

We are both very proud and admiring of our clinical counterparts’ performance in this ranking. We hope that Hemerion’s technologies can help to further elevate the quality of cancer treatment in hospitals.”

Maximilien Vermandel

An asset to develop technologies best suited to world-class clinical demands 

Hemerion’s clinical contributors are conducting the Phase II clinical trials necessary to evaluate and validate Hemerion’s technology in the treatment of glioblastoma, one of the most aggressive brain cancers today.

Working with these world-class hospitals puts our teams in direct contact with the best clinical experts and drives us to improve the quality and efficacy of our cancer treatment solutions every day.