Expanding the limits of cancer therapies

Hemerion® is a French start-up company dedicated to developing new cancer therapies. Hemerion’s technologies and savoir-faire are the results of more than ten years of academic and clinical research led at the University of Lille, University Hospital of Lille and Inserm. Hemerion’s main focus lies on innovative approaches to treat glioblastoma, the most common and aggressive primary brain tumor.

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Hemerion brings together physicists, surgeons and physicians to develop breakthrough therapies addressing cancer.

Hemerion owns a unique and ground-breaking technology elaborated with neurosurgeons and already evaluated in a frontline approach to treat patients harboring glioblastoma.

This treatment is based on a photosensitizing drug, administered to the patient before surgery, and an exclusive photonic system. This unique drug-device combination therapy selectively destroys cancer cells, in areas inaccessible to classic surgery and without harming healthy tissues.

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A multidisciplinary set of business, scientific and medical talents to develop breakthrough therapies.

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A worldwide network dedicated to fight cancer and advance healthcare.

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Our technology is the result of more than 10 years of development.