[BREAKING] Hemerion obtains the FDA clearance for its next US clinical trial

Key figures

Market opportunities for glioblastoma treatment

Glioblastoma (GBM) represents the most frequent malignant brain tumor in adults with an annual incidence of 3.21 per 100,000 persons.

In 2017, there were 120,000 diagnosed incident cases of brain cancer in the major markets (EU, USA, JP, urban China). Incident cases is expected to grow up to 150,000 cases by 2027 at an annual growth rate of almost 3%

A recent analysis estimated the GBM market in the major markets to be valued at almost $700 M in 2021. The GBM market is expected to grow to $1.4B in 2027 at an Annual Growth Rate. of 7.5%. The US is expected stay the largest market for GBM in 2027, consisting of almost 50% of the major markets total sales. GBM patients currently have no curative treatment options and a low survival expectancy, thus, there is the potential for high uptake of any therapy able to improve survival or quality of life.

GBM market in the 8MM

$1.4B in


patients/year diagnosed with brain cancer in Europe


patients/year diagnosed with brain cancer in the USA

Today, there is an overall lack of approved therapies for GBM patients, with only two drugs specifically approved: temozolomide and bevacizumab. These chemotherapies are adjuvant only, delivered 6 weeks after surgery. The cornerstone of the management remains surgery and our solution has thus been designed to be seamlessly delivered during the surgery performed upfront. Our cross-labelled products comply with framework of drug-device combination products from the FDA and EMA.

  • More than 50% of brain cancers are GBM
  • Median overall survival remains lower than 16 months for patients harboring GBM
  • Standard of Care has not been improved since 2005


Hemerion’s strategy aims to market its technology to the neurosurgeons located in Europe and USA:


board-certified neurosurgeons in Europe


board-certified neurosurgeons in the USA

25,000 patients are eligible per year to our therapeutic approach. We estimate that 65% of brain cancer surgeries could be achieved with Hemerion’s technology within the 5 years post market authorization (around 2030).

Capital and funding

The company is currently funded via founders, public subsidies, loans and several venture capital players.

Our team is actively seeking new financial partners to speed up and widen its clinical and innovation programs.