Hemerion is a clinical-stage healthtech company committed to discovering, developing and commercializing innovative therapeutics combining drugs and photonic systems. Hemerion addresses oncology fields, notably brain tumors and glioblastomas (GBM).

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A high-demand unmet medical need

Glioblastomas are devastating pathologies, with no cure available today.
Hemerion’s technology could be used to treat more than 25,000 patients per year in Europe and in the USA only, with a high positive impact on survival and quality of life.
Hemerion’s technology also addresses the huge cumulative costs per GBM patient today, which exceeds 200 K$ over a 12 month-period after diagnosis.

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A disruptive and validated technology to tackle cancer

Hemerion’s technology is based on the unprecedented combination of a photosensitizing drug and an innovative photonic device. The product combination integrates seamlessly into the surgical workflow and destroys tumor cells without harming healthy cells.
Hemerion’s therapeutic concept is unique and outperforms other innovative treatments addressing glioblastomas in terms of tolerance, ease of use, costs, time to market, etc. 
Our approach is already validated through a first clinical trial and will shortly undergo further clinical development. Our treatment for newly diagnosed GBM may be granted market approval as early as 2026.

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A worldwide-renown and fully operational team associating physicists, neurosurgeons and physicians

Hemerion’s team is both scientifically advanced and operational, with dozens of successful experiments in the operating rooms. 
Our equipment is fully functional and near industry-grade qualification.

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A ready to market technology

Hemerion’s solutions perfectly integrate into the current standard of care and are performed using molecules already clinically validated, resulting in a very short time-to-market.

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A clear regulatory and IP strategy

Hemerion’s team is in close contact with international health agencies to prepare the approval of our therapeutic concepts.

  • Scientific advice and Orphan Drug Designation has already been granted from the European Medicine Agency for our first treatment.
  • Our concepts perfectly fit accelerated programs from FDA and EMA.

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