[BREAKING] Hemerion obtains the FDA clearance for its next US clinical trial


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Hemerion therapeutic solutions enable surgeons to eliminate cancer cells in places inaccessible to standard tumor excision.
They are particularly promising in the treatment of glioblastoma, one of the most widespread and aggressive brain tumors.
Hemerion offers a seamless technology capable of significantly improving both survival and quality of life in patients.

A disruptive solution to tackle brain cancer

The spreading of tumor cells observed in glioblastoma makes it impossible to be treated by surgery alone. Our therapeutic approach is to propose a complementary treatment to eliminate residual tumor cells after excision and reduce the risk of relapse.

Hemerion therapeutic approach aims at eliminating residual tumor cells after excision.
Hemerion technology tackles glioblastoma

A selective treatment solution fully integrated within the standard of care

Hemerion technology associates a drug (Pentalafen®) with innovative photonic treatments delivered by the Heliance solution : diffuser and controller. This molecule selectively bond to cancer cells and destroy them when activated by specific laser light.
Brain tumorous cells are killed wherever light penetrates.
Our drug-device  technology is designed to deliver a safe and controlled patient-specific treatment.
Hemerion technology does not replace surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy: it integrates seamlessly in the current standard of care and enhances its efficacy.

The therapeutic approach at a glance

Administration of a photosensitizer medicine prior to surgery

Hemerion technology relies on a drug that is a precursor of the photosensitizer that selectively accumulates in dysplastic cells. Indeed, our drug converts to a photosensitive molecule that is 200 times more concentrated in cancer cells than in normal cells, ensuring a high level of selectivity.

Laser activation of the drug

Illuminated by specific laser light, the photosensitizer causes tumorous cells death through photochemical cytotoxic effect.

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A technology ready to enter the operating rooms around the world

Hemerion therapeutic solution can be integrated into any upfront surgical procedure used for glioblastoma resection. It can be used multiple times along the disease evolution alongside neurosurgery operations.

Designed by neurosurgeons, the Hemerion technology is easy to implement and can be mastered by operating teams with just one week of training.

  • Fully integrated laser system to deliver intraoperative therapy
  • Seamless workflow to push the limits of brain surgery
  • Automatic illumination regimen computation
  • Fully controlled treatment delivery
  • Personalized patient’s dosimetry

Hemerion technology is based on well mastered drugs and equipment: it constitutes a very affordable solution.