[BREAKING] Hemerion obtains the FDA clearance for its next US clinical trial


Maximilen Vermandel, co-fournder of Hemerion

Hemerion awarded an Innovation Prize by Voisin Consulting Life Sciences Neighborhood

Hemerion received the Best Innovation Prize following its participation in the Voisin Consulting Neighborhood Program.

Voisin Consulting Life Sciences is an international consulting practice that offers integrated solutions to development planning, manufacturing, quality and control, nonclinical and clinical testing, safety monitoring, and interactions with regulators and payers.

Its initiative, Voisin Consulting Neighborhood, is a life science innovation center that supports health tech entrepreneurs, providing strategic mentorship and resources, experts, and office space for growth. Neighborhood offers tailored in-residence mentoring, coaching and global access to health tech entrepreneurs.

Hemerion was accepted in the program in 2020 to speed up the development of its novel technology to treat cancer . To conclude this experience, November the 23rd 2021, the Neighborhood team organized a showcasing event gathering all the start-ups participating in their incubator program.  Following  a pitch session of our CEO Maximilien Vermandel in front of stakeholders and investors, Hemerion was awarded the Best Innovation Prize, which highlights the excellence of its therapeutic approach.

The prize consists of a prolonged mentoring program in the legal and regulatory fields and a year-long access to Voisin Consulting Life Science offices around the world.