[BREAKING] Hemerion obtains the FDA clearance for its next US clinical trial

Brain cancer: Hemerion appoints Dr Marie-Edith Bonneterre as Chief Medical Officer

Press Release – Villeneuve d’Ascq, November 20th 2023

Brain cancer: Hemerion appoints Dr Marie-Edith Bonneterre as Chief Medical Officer

Doctor Marie-Edith Bonneterre was appointed Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at Hemerion on September 19, 2023. She joins Maximilien Vermandel (CEO) , Clément Dupont (CTO) and Michel Andraud (CFO) on the operational team to steer the medical and clinical strategy of the healthtech start-up specializing in innovative cancer treatments.
This appointment comes just a few weeks after Hemerion obtained FDA approval for a phase 1 / 2 clinical trial in partnership with the University Hospital of Pittsburgh.

A specialist in innovative cancer treatments

Medical oncologist by training, Marie-Edith Bonneterre soon acquired solid experience in innovative cancer treatments, managing clinical trials at the Oscar Lambret Center in Lille, one of the leading cancer centers in France.
In close contact with patients, Marie-Edith was able to follow the clinical development of innovative molecules of all types, at all stages of clinical development.

Cross-disciplinary, international expertise in clinical development

A specialist in clinical development, Marie-Edith Bonneterre has worked in a wide range of structures and environments: the pharmaceutical industry (Sanofi), start-ups (PharmaMar), Contract Research Organizations (PPD, Syneos, Ergomed) and regulatory bodies (ANSM, European Commission).

This extensive experience gives Hemerion a genuine transversal vision of clinical development, perfectly suited to the hybrid nature of its combined Drug + Device therapeutic solutions.

Dr Marie-Edith Bonneterre also brings to Hemerion’s teams an international vision of clinical development, acquired in Europe and the United States: an essential asset in making Heliance® / Pentalafen® combination therapy a new international standard of care in the treatment of glioblastoma.

One goal: accelerate time-to-market

Having led dozens of clinical trials in oncology, Dr Marie-Edith Bonneterre has developed a global, cross-disciplinary vision of cancer treatments, at both clinical and medical and strategic levels.

She also brings to Hemerion a wealth of experience in the management of clinical trials: a considerable asset for accelerating the time-to-market of Hemerion’s first solution for the treatment of glioblastoma.

The first objectives are to launch the next clinical study in early 2024 and optimize the implementation of pre-marketing phases.

“I had no hesitation in accepting the mission proposed by the Hemerion founders. Their therapeutic solutions for glioblastoma are both highly original and extremely promising! Completely integrated into the standard of care, they intervene before the metastatic stage and recurrence, when the cancer can be fought most effectively. These treatments are a source of great hope for caregivers and patients alike: we need to move as quickly as possible to make them available worldwide.”

Dr Marie-Edith Bonneterre

Marie-Edith Bonneterre, MD, MBA
CMO, Hemerion

“Our priority today is to accelerate the clinical development of our first solution dedicated to glioblastoma. Dr Marie-Edith Bonneterre is giving new impetus to our clinical development. Her international experience and medical vision are invaluable assets for optimizing our clinical trials, with a view to pre-market validation by 2027.”

Maximilien Vermandel

Maximilien Vermandel
CEO, Hemerion

About Hemerion Therapeutics


Founded in 2020, Hemerion develops innovative therapeutic solutions for cancer, at the crossroads of biology, physics and surgery.
The first technology developed by Hemerion combines a drug (Pentalafen®) and an innovative illumination platform (Heliance®). It perfectly complements current neurosurgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments.
This technology is particularly promising in the treatment of the most common and aggressive brain cancer: glioblastoma, for which Hemerion Therapeutics already has an active clinical program showing very promising safety and efficacy results.

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