[BREAKING] Hemerion obtains the FDA clearance for its next US clinical trial


Hemerion ships its devices to Erasmus Hospital

Hemerion technology to be further evaluated in the DOSINDYGO multi-center clinical trial

The Hemerion technology, which associates drugs and photonic treatments against glioblastoma, is to be evaluated in the DOSINDYGO clinical trial.
This new clinical trial is sponsored by CHU de Lille (PI Nicolas REYNS) and the Brussels Erasmus Hospital (PI Florence Lefranc) with the financial support of Fonds Erasme.

Following the INDYGO trial which assessed the Hemerion technology safety, DOSINDYGO aims to achieve a light-dose escalation, treating deeper in the tissues and, thus, decreasing the recurrence risk of glioblastoma.

Hemerion shipped the photonic devices necessary to the two investigative centers Erasme Hospital and Lille Hospital on July 28, 2021.

The Hemerion technology will soon be evaluated in a new clinical trial.

In partnership with the Inserm laboratory U1189 OncoThAI and the Northern France technology transfer office (SATT Nord), Hemerion has also conceived and carried out training sessions for neurosurgeons participating in the trial. Organized in the neurosurgery department of the University Hospital in Lille, the training sessions focused on the theory of photodynamic therapy, photonic device handling, and safety procedures.

The neurosurgeons are now ready and qualified to deliver the procedure alongside the DOSINDYGO clinical trial.